Famiglia Bistro – 2/22/16

Thank you so much for spending your evening with us!  What an awesome large group!!  WE DID IT!!  Paintings were spectacular and colors were amazing!  Our young ones did such an awesome job!  What a great group of artists.  See you soon!!  Click on the painting to view all the other beautiful paintings!!

SDC10947 SDC10946 SDC10945 SDC10944 SDC10943 SDC10942 SDC10941 SDC10939 SDC10938 SDC10937 SDC10936 SDC10935 SDC10934 SDC10933 SDC10932 SDC10931 SDC10930 SDC10929 SDC10928 SDC10927 SDC10925 SDC10924 SDC10923 SDC10922 SDC10921 SDC10920 SDC10919 SDC10918 SDC10917 SDC10916 SDC10915 SDC10913 SDC10912 SDC10911 SDC10910 SDC10909 SDC10908 SDC10907 SDC10906 SDC10905 SDC10903 SDC10902 SDC10901 SDC10900 SDC10899 SDC10898 SDC10897 SDC10896 SDC10895 SDC10894 SDC10893 SDC10892 SDC10891 SDC10890 20160222_205559 20160222_205547 20160222_205447 20160222_205357-2 20160222_205357 20160222_205256 20160222_205141-1 20160222_205118-1 20160222_205035 20160222_205033 20160222_204916-1 20160222_204830-1 20160222_204813 20160222_204758-1 20160222_204551 20160222_204549 20160222_204429 20160222_204420 20160222_204414 20160222_20463 Moonlight Shimmer

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